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Migration / asylum

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Apr. 8th, 2011 | 10:31 pm

Hi everyone.

As you will no doubt have succeeded to notice, or at least not failed to not notice, I don’t post very much here on LiveJournal any more. Over the years I’ve really enjoyed the site and its facilities. I joined in 2003 after a stint on Blogger which, to be honest, never really came close to offering the sort of community experience that LiveJournal did, and still does to some extent offer.

I joined LiveJournal when it was just getting popular, and there was much more activity on this site. Lots of new friends and acquaintances were being made, lots of people I knew who don’t really blog today were blogging because it was the done thing, and so forth. I didn’t really care when LiveJournal was sold off to SixApart, or when bradfitz left, or when SixApart became Russian, or when all the ads started appearing. I didn’t care about all the scary Terms of Use stuff. They didn’t seem to affect my use of the site much.

However, I draw the line at spambots and clones of Farmville, so I’m off.

I’ve created a new hosted site for The Attentive Worker at the eponymous attentive.id.au. It supports OpenID, so if you want to use your existing LiveJournal identity (or, for that matter, your ID from most major web players’ authentication systems) you’ll be able to use it on my new site, and I’ll add you at my discretion to the equivalent of a friends list, which will allow you to see my protected content.

The site includes one of those handy RSS feed things you may have heard of, should you wish to subscribe to it in some other aggregator. Of course, some of my content will continue to be cross-posted here using the mechanism by which this is cross-posted to LiveJournal. I hope that’ll work, as this will be its first test.

My content from both my old Blogger, and my old LiveJournal identities are now present at the new site as well. It is still a work in progress design wise, and it’s quite likely to remain so all told.

(post crossposted from the attentive worker)